Emily Halban - PerfectEmily Halban developed anorexia in her final year at school. She went on to university at Oxford where her disease took on a powerful dimension. By her final year she was so debilitated that she was forced to sit her exams in a separate room where she could be fed continuously.

With heartbreaking candour and poignant intimacy, Emily vividly chronicles the complexities and inner struggles of living
with anorexia. She traces her disease from its elusive origins, through its darkest moments of deprivation, guilt and selfloathing.

As she recounts her journey towards recovery, Emily draws us into her raw experiences of anorexia, exposing its secrets and dispelling some of the myths that shroud it.

Beautifully written and alive with selfawareness, but never self-pity, Perfect is an inspiring read that will offer those battling with this all-consuming disease a glimpse of perspective and hope, and help those on the outside to understand more.

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